Woodbridge Bowling Center

346 Main St. 
Woodbridge, New Jersey 07095 
(732) 634-4520  PRO-SHOP: 732-397-9502

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List of Summer Leagues

Day of the week  Time Adult/Junior Name of League  Players per team  
 9:30am Adult Senior No-Tap       4  
Monday  5:00pm  Junior Junior Trios  3  
 7:00pm  Both Adult/Child  2  
Monday  8:15pm Adult Mixed Hdcp  4  
 9:00pm Adult Doubles Hdcp. 2  
Tuesday  8:20pm Adult Bud Light Trio FULL  
Wednesday  8:00pm Adult Classic Trio FULL  
Thursday  6:20pm  Adult Mixed Trio Hdcp.  3 Need 4 
More teams 
Thursday 8:30pm Adult Mixed Hdcp. 4  


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